Sustainability programs

As agricultural producers, we are well aware of the role that forest ecosystems play in providing us with quality and quantity of environmental services.

At APEAJAL, we seek to remain in balance with the natural environment that surrounds us. That is why we are continuously planning and carrying out different programs that promote the protection of the environment.


Our reforestation program has been responsible for planting more than 157 thousand trees. We also carry out detailed monitoring on our specialized platform, paying special attention to cases of deforestation.

Additional uses of the native forest species trees that we have planted include living fences, windbreaks and forest restoration.

Production of native forest species

In order to integrate native forest species in avocado orchards, and thus promote the increase of biodiversity in production units.

The nursery currently produces three species:

White Cedar

(Cupressus lusitanica)

Hazel Pine

(Pinus douglasiana)

Michoacan pine

(Pinus devoniana)

Forest fire prevention and firefighting brigade

In order to keep our forests safe, we have a specialized brigade for fire prevention during the dry season in the south of Jalisco. It works in coordination with federal, state and private brigades located in the area.

More than 30 thousand hectares with technical irrigation systems to reduce water consumption.

More than 1,700 hectares certified under the Rainforest Alliance seal, an important international certification for social and environmental responsibility.

Participation in the “Campo Limpio” program for the proper management of agricultural plastic waste.

Program for regularization of avocado orchards under irregular land use changes.