In which ways does APEAJAL benefit you?

Thanks to our extensive experience and knowledge of avocado processes, we will be able to promote a better future for producers, packers, and exporters.
We seek to be transparent with you, offering alternatives and valuable information for your crops and exports.

If you are a producer:

  • Get trained on new practices, techniques, and regulations.
  • Find job and business opportunities.
  • Take part in research projects on the Jalisco avocado.
  • Discover the certifications that your crops can receive as an added value.
  • Keep track of your crops with our AVOSYS Traceability System.

If you are a packer:

  • Benefit from the opening of new international markets.
  • Access to statistics and regulatory news for strategic decision making.
  • Use our AVOSYS Traceability System to know the status of your export.
  • Connect with other packaging companies and learn about their history.
  • Learn about the official certifications that will add value to your avocados.


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Traceability system

The avocado industry in Jalisco keeps growing, and we have quickly become the second largest avocado producer in Mexico, in terms of surface area and production volume. We are the leaders in productivity.

At APEAJAL, we are aware of the consumer’s demands regarding our fruit. We embarked on the task of developing the AVOSYS Traceability System, which is user-friendly, modern, safe and complies with national and international requirements.


  • Information on all the movements and figures of your orchards.
  • Access to industry-generated news and announcements.
  • Systematizes and makes your crop intentions efficient, facilitating your negotiation with other packaging companies.
  • It gives value to your safety and organic certifications, being visible to potential buyers.




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Final consumer

Access statistical reports and valuable information on the production and export of avocados in Jalisco.