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APEAJAL is the Asociación de Productores Exportadores de Aguacate de Jalisco, A.C., which was established in May 2013

We represent the interests of more than 3,200 avocado producers and 26 avocado packaging companies located in Jalisco and 7 Plant Health Local Boards that work with avocado.

Our commitment is with the organization of our industry and with the control of avocado movement. In addition, we are committed to the commercialization of a product that exceeds the requirements of the avocado buyer, regardless of the target market. We work hand in hand with the authorities of the three levels of government, organizations and institutions related to our avocado industry.


To position the Jalisco avocado as an outstanding product at a global level, following and complying with the health, safety, sustainability, traceability, innovation, and quality schemes demanded by the markets. This is achieved by offering useful services to boost the productivity and competitiveness of Jalisco’s producers and packers. Working closely with public and private, national, and international organizations that are linked to the avocado industry. Promoting the sustainable development of the avocado producing regions of Jalisco and their communities.


To be a benchmark for leadership in the world avocado industry.








  • To promote compliance with health and safety requirements for the commercialization of the Jalisco avocado.
  • To consolidate an environmentally and socially sustainable avocado industry in Jalisco.
  • To guarantee a proper traceability of the Jalisco avocado.
  • To provide information that is useful for decision making by avocado producers and marketers in Jalisco.
  • To encourage applied research and development of knowledge to solve the challenges in the production and commercialization of the Jalisco avocado.
  • To achieve effective communication on topics of interest to the Jalisco avocado industry.
  • To promote the opening of new markets for the Jalisco avocado, as well as the preservation of markets with existing trade relations.

Jalisco Avocado Congress

At APEAJAL, we are passionate about developing growth opportunities for the avocado industry in Jalisco. That is why we organize the Jalisco Avocado Congress every year.

In this congress, we discuss topics related to organic production and sustainability that crops should have in order to meet the standards of international markets and promote harmonious coexistence with ecosystems.

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